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Introducing the Strategic Planning Toolkit

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We’ve built a Strategic Planning Toolkit so any leader can create a plan for their team or organisation in a few weeks.

A free sample is available to download now.

Many managers want a plan. But they don’t know how to build one or where to find the time for it.

You can get a management consultant to come in and help you. But that costs $10,000s. And they’ll overcomplicate it anyway.

Most organisations can’t afford that.

That’s why we’ve built this toolkit.

It helps any CEO, startup founder, team leader or strategy professional create a solid strategic plan in a short amount of time, without fuss or the need for specialist skills.

We keep it simple. It’s an 80/20 approach to planning. We show them how to do the 20% of things, which will deliver 80% of the impact.

Which is all anyone needs anyway: strategic planning is best done quickly to come up with a good plan, which you then just get on with executing.

The toolkit comes with a 130 page guidebook. And more than 15 templates.

The guidebook provides some background on key concepts that most people have heard of, but don’t always understand: mission, vision, goals, values and strategies for success.

But most of the guidebook just gives managers step-by-step instructions on exactly what to do.

For example, it explains exactly:

  • Who to include in the planning process
  • What e-mails to send different people and when, to ensure they stay informed along the way
  • Where and when to book a planning workshop
  • What background information to gather for the team
  • How to setup the workshop venue
  • How to facilitate each workshop item, down as far as what to say at different points, if you’re stuck
  • How to launch the plan with your broader team
  • Answers to frequently asked questions

And there are readymade templates for every step of the way:

  • E-mails for the planning team, broader organisation and your boss or board
  • Diary invites for the planning workshop and communication sessions
  • Strategic analysis tools
  • Agendas
  • A canvas and PowerPoint presentation to capture your new strategic plan and share it with everyone

We’re excited, because it’s the first product we’ve found that helps any leader pick up a strategic planning process and nail it in a few weeks.

We’ve run this process with many teams and proven it works well. They’re always amazed at what they can get done in a single day workshop.

So we’re excited to share this with others, so anyone can do it now without needing to pay for us to be there in the room.

And, we’re so confident about what we’re doing, that people can download half the product for free. And – when they buy it – they get a 30 day money back guarantee.

Donwload a free preview of the toolkit here.

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Strategic Planning Toolkit


New. Launch a straightforward strategic plan in under 30 days. A step-by-step guide for CEOS, team managers, founders and strategy professionals. Includes 130+ page guidebook and templates, checklists and agendas.