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We help everyday managers become world-changing leaders.

We help everyday managers become great leaders who change their world.

We are Impact Society.

We’re here to support leaders around the globe who care about making a difference in their world. However big or small their world might be.

We support them as people. We don’t reduce them to their job title. We support their full lives beyond the proverbial nine to five.

Because on the job effectiveness depends on wellbeing and fulfilment outside of work. And happiness outside of work depends on wellbeing and fulfilment at work. We’re better partners, parents, friends and community members when we’re engaged in our work.

We nourish leaders culturally, as well as professionally. We see no distinction between managerial skill and intellectual, mental and physical wellbeing.

Because the well-formed leader isn’t someone who just ticks off management procedures. They employ their full selves to work with and through others to enable great change.

Humanity is facing challenges and opportunities with an unprecedented scale and urgency. Success demands that organisations harness the passion and potential of their people.

To do that, we must first unlock the passion and potential of our leaders.

You can find us elsewhere on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Why we exist.

We help everyday managers become world-changing leaders.

We do this by elevating their mindset and skills with straightforward and stylish tools, content, training and lifestyle products. And connecting them with a likeminded global community.

We provide practical tools, systems of work, workshops, online training, books and content. And run an international program of local thought-leadership events and conferences.

Our founders.

Joel Bailey is a co-founder and director of Impact Society. Joel previously founded a national consulting business, which was acquired by a large multinational company. He is an experienced strategy consultant and facilitator, and company director. Joel’s passion is making a positive impact by helping people, organisations and communities create clarity, so they can thrive and be more fulfilled in their lives. Read Joel’s articles or find him on LinkedIn.

Sean Craig is a co-founder and the managing director of Impact Society. Sean is an experienced executive and company director, with expertise in strategy development and execution. His career has spanned early-stage start-ups to billion-dollar companies. Sean’s passion is helping organisations increase their positive impact through good strategy and employee engagement. Sean has founded and worked with organisations across industries including consulting, infrastructure, technology and hospitality. Read Sean’s articles or find him on LinkedIn.

Who uses our tools.

We’ve provided our tools to people from many great organisations around the world, including the ones below.

Freo-based, globally-focussed.

We’re based in Fremantle, Western Australia, but we have a global-orientation.

We’re seeking to serve modern leaders all around the world.

Our soon-to-launch High Society membership will foster a global community of like-minded people.

Stay tuned, as we start planning in person events in major cities around the world, including London, New York, Singapore and Sydney.

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