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Strategic Planning Quick Start Course.



This three week e-mail course is perfect for anyone who:

  • Wants to run a strategic planning process for their organisation or team, but doesn’t know where to start
  • Lacks confidence about concepts like mission, vision and goals, and what they mean and how they relate to one another
  • Wants to learn about some of the practical approaches and tools best suited to strategic planning

Our tools are used by people in 45 countries around the world.


21 days to learn the basics of strategic planning.

  • Take the guessswork out of strategic planning
    Seven e-mail lessons walk you through the basics of strategic planning, giving you the grasp you need to get started.
  • Get the basic tools and information you need to get started.
    The course includes five templates: 20-point strategic plan audit, one day planning workshop agenda, team communications, core purpose facilitation guide and Team Alignment Canvas (to capture and communicate your plan).

Free e-mail course. Includes:

  • 7 e-mails
  • 2 videos
  • 5 templates and tools

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The core course comprises one short email every three days for three weeks. By joining, you also agree to join our newsletter and to our terms of service. You can unsubscribe any time.

A strategic plan is a great investment.


of fast-growing companies
have a strategic plan1


faster growth for organisations
with a strategic plan1

Organisations that execute strategy well are likely to deliver above average financial performance2

  1. Burke, A, Fraser, S & Green, F (2010). The Multiple Effects of Business Planning on New Venture Performance. Journal of Management Studies, 47(3), 391-415. Source
  2. Economist Intelligence Unit (2013). Why good strategies fail: Lessons for the C-suite. Source.

What you get in the course.

The course includes one brief e-mail every three days for three weeks.

It contains links to explanatory videos and free tools thatr you can use to run your own planning process.

Seven short e-mails

Each e-mail concisely deals with one topic:

  1. Demystifying strategic planning: We cover the basics in plain English
  2. 20 point strategic plan audit: Use our free audit tool to assess the health of your current strategic plan in 10 minutes
  3. Six questions every great team must answer: A good strategic plan is as simple as answering this short set of questions
  4. Start with why: Core purpose is the most important thing to get clear on. We’ll explain how to run a 90 minute session with your team to work this out
  5. Do it in a day: You can draft a complete strategic plan in a one day workshop, using our tried and tested agenda
  6. Team Alignment Canvas: Use our free one page tool for summarising and sharing your strategic plan
  7. Get your team onboard: Use our speaking points and draft e-mail to get your leadership team onboard for a new strategic planning process

We provide curated videos by leading thinkers and authors Patrick Lencioni and Simon Sinek.

Templates and tools

We’ll give you free access to some of our strategic planning tools and templates:

A new 21 day course by Impact Society.

The Strategic Planning Quick Start Course is a free 21 day course by Impact Society, which helps everyday managers become world-changing leaders by elevating their mindset and skills with straightforward and stylish tools, content, training and lifestyle products. And connecting them with a likeminded global community.

Subscribers receive one short e-mail every three days for three weeks.

The short course will set you up with the basic understanding and tools to get you on your way to developing a new strategic plan for your organisation or team.

Knowing the basics means you can confidently navigate the design or selection of a strategic planning process, focussing on the essential elements that will make the most difference.

Developed by strategy experts.

Joel Bailey
Co-Founder and Director

Joel founded a national consulting business, which was later acquired by a large multinational company. He is an experienced strategy consultant and facilitator, manager and company director. Joel’s passion is making a positive impact by helping people, organisations and communities create clarity, so they can thrive and be more fulfilled in their lives.

Sean Craig
Co-Founder and Managing Director

Sean is an experienced executive, with expertise in strategy development and execution, and employee engagement. His career has spanned start-ups to billion-dollar companies. Sean’s passion is helping organisations make a positive impact by combining simple strategy with strong employee engagement. Sean has founded and worked with consulting, infrastructure, technology, manufacturing, retail and hospitality companies.

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