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The best team members demonstrate these behaviours

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The best team members demonstrate these behaviours.

But other people don’t. What are they?

Have you ever noticed that some people are very good at what they do AND easy to work with at the same time?

They’re a manager’s dream. Because we spend more time collaborating on interesting problems. And less time battling their behaviour.

And – on the occasions when they need to improve or be held accountable – they’re easy to coach.

Dream team members (and managers) demonstrate ‘above the line’ attitudes and behaviours.

Whereas difficult team members think and behave ‘below the line’.

Above the line looks like by being proactive, giving and taking feedback, finding solutions, taking action, responsibility, facing hard conversations, optimism, positivity, curiosity, cooperation, open-mindedness, assertiveness, honesty, growth, kindness, sincerity, vulnerability and respect.

Whereas below the line looks like blaming others, denial, passiveness, becoming the victim, fault finding, pessimism, problem finding, avoidance, excuse making, withdrawal, secrecy, cynicism, fixed mindedness, defensiveness, manipulation, insincerity, aggression, half truths (if not lying) and invulnerability.

Of course, no one is perfect. We’re all capable some below the line behaviour.

But the best team members – and the best managers – work to consistently keep them selves above the line.

Want to coach your team on these behaviours? Download this free above and below the line poster and stick it on the office wall 😊.

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