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Above and below the line behaviours poster

Many things are out of our control.

But we can always choose our attitude and behaviour.

And our attitudes and behaviours profoundly affect how impactful we are in our world.

They affect how others perceive us. And therefore how open and cooperative they’re likely to be with us.

One model for thinking about this is the above and below the line model.

Above the line thinking and behaviours are emotionally mature, proactive, optimistic, kind, respectful and responsible.

Below the line thinking and behaviours are immature, reactive, pessimistic, uncaring, disrespectful and irresponsible.

This poster unpacks this in more detail.

Think about someone you’ve worked with who takes an above the line approach.

Now think about someone who acts more below the line.

My guess is you prefer working with the above the line person.

And that they make a greater impact. Especially if they’re in a leadership role.

If that’s right, there’s an insight in this for us as leaders…

…we can use this model:

– To guide our own attitudes and behaviours

– Coach our team members

Download this free above and below the line behaviours poster and have it printed out and framed or laminated in A0 or A1. Then place it a central area in your team workspace, to act as a reference and guide.