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The selfishness of witholding feedback

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As managers, we need to stop withholding improvement feedback from our team members. It’s a selfish thing to do. Here’s why…

Giving feedback is usually difficult and uncomfortable, but it’s critical for the growth of the person and the team.

When we avoid sharing feedback, we’re selfishly prioritising our short-term comfort over another person’s long term growth. We’re leading with short-sighted friendliness, not with kindness.

The answer isn’t harsh criticism. It’s kind and direct clarity about how their behaviours are holding them or the team back. And offering guidance, support and time to address the gap. Then letting them decide how to respond.

That’s both the kind and productive thing to do.

One question for you

Think of a team member you’ve been holding back from sharing critical feedback with. How can you phrase the feedback, so that it comes across as kind and clear advice that is focussed on their growth?

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