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20-point strategic plan audit

Our 20-Point Strategic Plan Audit helps any CEO, manager, founder or strategy professional quickly check the health of their organisation or team’s strategic planning and execution.

It’s a simple two pager, which you can print out and tick off.

Each audit item relates to the quality and implementation of your purpose, vision, values, goals, and roles and responsibilities.

Review the 20 items and tick off each one that you feel you’ve nailed.  Then count the ticks.

These are the scores we’d expect to see:

  • 15+ Strong strategic plan quality and implementation
  • 10+ Solid, but lacking a consistent level of quality and implementation
  • <10 Needs work

Scored less than 15?

Don’t worry, it’s normal.  It’s actually quite rare to find organisations that have done a good job of both developing and implementing a strong strategic plan.

The good news is that it’s straightforward to fix.

Developing a solid strategic plan for your team or organisation requires answering just six questions.

And, when you download the audit, we’ll enroll you in our strategic planning quick start course (a series of seven e-mails) for free!