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Our Strategic Planning Toolkit is coming

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Update: Our Strategic Planning Toolkit has launched!

Our first Impact Society product will be a Strategic Planning Toolkit. It’ll give a step by step, four week approach – with templates and resources – to develop a straightforward strategic plan for any organisation or team.

Whatever you think of Jack Welch, he was right when he said: “strategy is actually very straightforward: you pick a general direction and implement it like a hell”.

“Strategy is actually very straightforward: you pick a general direction and implement it like a hell”

Jack Welch, former GE CEO

Our toolkit channels this thinking by taking an 80/20 approach to strategy. It gives leaders the tools they need to pick a direction and develop a credible plan for achieving it.

Many teams and organisations procrastinate on strategy, because it feels complicated and unapproachable. We’re changing that.

We’ll provide background information that demystifies the critical elements of strategy. And downloadable templates for every step of the way: e-mails to send your leadership team and broader organisation, checklists, and a poster and presentation for communicating the plan.

It’s a four step process, revolving around a one day strategic planning workshop. In the toolkit, we provide a detailed facilitation plan so anyone can lead the session.

We’re passionate about the role of simple, straightforward strategy. We think it’s one of the best levers any leader can pull to choose a direction, align their team and “implement like hell”.

If you think your team could benefit from clearer direction, download a free sample of our Strategic Planning Toolkit.

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Strategic Planning Toolkit


New. Launch a straightforward strategic plan in under 30 days. A step-by-step guide for CEOS, team managers, founders and strategy professionals. Includes 130+ page guidebook and templates, checklists and agendas.