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Can I get my Impact Society costs reimbursed by my employer?

Yes, usually.

Your organisation benefits when you clarify your and your team’s long-term goals and develop an actionable plan to attain them.

It will depend on the policies and practices of your organisation. But most organisations will agree that this is a work-related investment that you can have them pay for (e.g. using a corporate credit card) or reimburse (i.e. you pay for it yourself and then claim the cost back).

You can make the case for reimbursement by noting:

  • 70 % of fast-growing companies have a strategic plan1
  • Organisations with a strategic plan grow 30 % faster1
  • Organisations that execute well on strategy are much more likely to deliver well above average financial performance2
  • US$400 is a modest investment when compared to the potential impact your team can make. And it’s $10,000s cheaper than what many consultants would charge for developing a strategic plan

If you’re unsure, please check with your boss first. Here’s a draft e-mail you can send them.

A strategic plan is one of the best investments you can make


of fast-growing companies
have a strategic plan1


faster growth for organisations
with a strategic plan1

Organisations that execute strategy well are likely to deliver above average financial performance2

Hi [your manager’s name],

I’d like to put in place a straightforward and actionable strategic plan for my team. This will create clarity and alignment between you, my team and I on our goals, what success looks like and the actionable steps we’re going to take to achieve it.

To do this, I’d like to become a member of Impact Society, an online management and leadership performance platform that offers access to its Strategic Planning Toolkit. For a limited time, the price has been reduced from US$650 down to US$400/year. The toolkit will give me step-by-step instructions to create a solid strategic plan un under 30 days. It also includes all the templates, meeting agendas, checklists and communications tools I need to succeed.

Let me know if I can charge the cost to work (or have it reimbursed, if that’s simpler).

Some more information about Impact Society:

  • As part of annual membership, Impact Society will offer unlimited access to a set of online tools, systems, classes and content in management and leadership that are currently being developed. I will also be eligible to attend their online and in person professional development and networking events.
  • Their tools have been used by people in great companies like Google, Amazon, Warner Brothers, 3M, Comcast, the US Department of Agriculture, Doordash, Air Liquide, ABC Australia and Nestlé Purina.
  • All of their tools are designed to be practical and easy to follow for any aspiring and established managers across all sectors.

Let me know what you think. If you think we should join Impact Society as a team, you can reach out to Impact Society ( to discuss enterprise pricing options.

Thank you,

[Your name].


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  2. Economist Intelligence Unit (2013). Why good strategies fail: Lessons for the C-suite. Source.