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Why leaders must engage themselves first

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The engagement of your team is one of the most important things you must focus on as a leader. But paying attention to your own level of engagement is not only important, but crucial.

How you’re feeling about work has a huge impact on your team, business or organisation. An engaged leader will boost performance, while a miserable leader can drag the whole team down.

This is even more important if you’re a founder. If you are feeling disengaged, it’s an existential risk to your business.

Making sure that work is engaging and enjoyable for you is not a selfish act. It ultimately benefits your business or organisation and your team members as well.

Your own feelings about work will affect your team. But this doesn’t mean you should fake it. It will be draining for you, and your team will know you’re not being genuine.

Instead, when you’re measuring your team’s engagement, don’t forget to measure your own. Assess it as a standalone key result, and pay attention to any trends.

If your engagement is lagging, it’s time do something about it. Do it for yourself, and your team.